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A Summary of Our Position on Social Issues



1. We are pro-life!


     We affirm the fundamental truth that life begins at conception. We believe that children are a gift from God, and therefore strongly oppose abortion, infanticide, and human stem cell research in any form.

2. We are pro-family!


     We strongly affirm that the divinely instituted union of marriage is solely between a man and a woman. We oppose same-sex marriage, same-sex unions and its practices in all forms.

3. We are pro-child!


     We affirm and uphold the importance of the family unit - father, mother, and children - as the foundation of a healthy society, and believe that the family unit and home life is best nourished and cultivated by an active Christian faith. We affirm the importance of protecting children from harm and abuse in the home, church, and school, and support efforts to protect our children from predators and abusers of all kinds, including the just enforcement of laws punishing those who would seek to do harm to our children.

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